What is the minimum age requirement?

Applicants must be 21 years of age on the date of application. We do not have a maximum age restriction. 

How long is Basic Training?

 All new hires must complete and pass Basic Training, BT is a four to five week  program consisting of classroom curriculum, CPR/first Aid and Defensive Tactics (DT). 

Does CDOC offer internships?

We do offer clinical internships! If you are interested in a clinical internship, please contact Julie Drew at julie.drew@state.co.us or (719) 226-4541 

Is Basic Training a condition of employment?

 Yes. Successful completion of BT is a condition of employment. 

What do I need to bring with me on the first day of Basic Training?

 You need to bring your photo ID, a writing instrument, note paper and any forms required by HR. Do not bring cell phones, tobacco products, drugs, weapons, cuff keys or other items that could pose a security issue. 

The dress code is professional. What does that mean?

 The first week of training requires professional dress. Men may wear slacks, a dress shirt and tie. Suit jackets are optional. No beards, goatee or earrings.

Women may wear slacks and a dress shirt or blouse. Dresses and skirts are permitted, however, they must be knee-length. Earrings are allowed, however, only one small stud earring is allowed in each ear (for uniformed females).  

Jeans, short skirts, tight clothing, low-cut blouses, T-shirts, sweats and athletic shoes are not considered professional dress. No Other visible piercings are allowed.


What uniform will I wear at graduation?

Currently, correctional officers are expected to wear dress blue uniform with tie and badge. (provided by the Training Academy) 

All other staff must wear professional dress.

When will I get paid?

 State employees are paid on the last working day of the month. Depending on when you start training, your first paycheck may be prorated. 

Will there be physical training?

 At this time, new students are not afforded CDOC-sponsored, daily regimented exercise. Portions of BT are dynamic. Students will receive more information on Day 1. 

I have tattoos. Do I need to cover them up or wear long-sleeve uniform shirts?

 Tattoos are permissible as long as they are not offensive or contain derogatory statements or images. If long-sleeve uniform shirts are needed, they will be at your expense. 

When will I get my uniform and what do I need to purchase on my own?

CDOC purchases your initial uniforms. You will receive them during BT. You will need to purchase: (By your facility report date) a duty belt (nylon or leather), handcuff case, key keeper, radio case with retention strap, pouch for latex gloves, set of belt keepers, duty boots (needed for graduation) with polishable leather without reinforced toes. 

When will I know what shift and days off I will have?

Your facility will most likely have this information available by graduation day. CTA staff typically do not have your shift assignments.