Workplace Culture

What We Value.

Staff Testimonials

"I chose a career with CDOC because I always wanted a career in law enforcement and the pay and benefits offered were above average."


I stay with the CDOC for several reasons; the money, benefits, the job, but most importantly, the people I work with.  

-Limon Training Coordinator

"I chose to work for CDOC because I have a degree in Criminal Justice and enjoy the field."


I stay because I love my CDOC family and the growth/promotional opportunities within the department. 

-Sterling Housing Captain

"I chose to work with the Department of Corrections for the financial stability, benefits and work-life balance to provide for my family. "


I stay because I love what I do and who I work with. 

"I chose a career as an educator with the Department of Corrections to continue in the field I enjoy but with added challenges and rewards."


"I stay because correctional educators play an important role in the CDOC mission and the work I do is valued by the department."

-Limon State Teacher II

Bridging the Gap.

Sterling Correctional staff and offenders are dedicating their time to giving back to their community.